I get "limit exceeded" image instead of requested website thumbnail?

If you received a "limit exceeded" image instead of your requested site thumbnail, then you have exceeded your quota of web site snapshots. Please upgrade to our premium services if your website is requesting more than 75,000 thumbnails in 30 days.

What are the limitations of Free account?

Although our free service is designed to fulfill requirements of most basic users, it has following limitations:

  • Limited use (a max. of 75,000 web page thumbnails per month could be requested with your personal key) .
  • Only thumbnail of size T is available.
  • Only JPG format is available for the requested web page screenshot.
  • Web Thumbnails are of low quality.
  • Web page snapshots are indexed with lowest priority.
  • Site Thumbshots are delivered with "Powered by SiteThumbshot" branding.
  • Click here to register for free services.

What do you offer in your Premium services?

  • Professional high quality website thumbnail on high performance servers.
  • Site Thumbnail of several predefined sizes are available. Custom sizes may also be configured.
  • Web site screen shots are indexed with higher priority.
  • Page thumbnails are of high quality.
  • JPG, GIF and PNG formats available.
  • Cache on your own server for fast retrievel.
  • Website snapshots are priodicaly refereshed.
  • Click here to check our our premium packages.

What does 'Thumbnail Coming Soon' mean?

Sometimes you may see an thumbshot that says 'Thumbnail Coming Soon' on it. This means that you are the first person to request that particular website snapshot and that a webpage thumbnail of the URL will be created as soon as possible.

Can your service capture and show website screenshots in real-time?

If the thumbnail exists in our database already, we will deliver it instantly. However, if it doesn't exist, there is no feasible way to instantly capture it. It takes time to render the web page, capture screen, and deliver the thumbshots. The fact is that there are too many variables that exist, such as slow-loading websites, malicious code, etc. Some similar startup services claim to 'instantly capture' and avoid showing a 'queued' message, but those services can only work while they are small. At any real volume, they cannot keep up with demand and quality of service goes down quickly.


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